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Land Services - Efficiently working with Builders & Homeowners over 50 Years

Excavating, Grading, Tree Removal, Landscape Services - Large & Small

New Foundation or Addition Foundations

Big or Small new Foundations & Site Work - Sewer & Water to Finish grade - Over 50 years experience

Carving big slopes, Grading, Removing Large Trees & Rocks

Many Challenging Terrains ~ 

Mastered & Finished to Grade

Water Drainage Management

Paul is an expert in solving Problems. Create a drainage Solution. Fix that Water in the basement problem. Email for a Consultation by Paul to find the absolute best way to solve your home water problems.

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If yo​u​ would like Paul to come and assist you in the design, work ​with your Architect, Create a Plan together with your Engineer or Architect. EMAIL for A CONSULT ONLY APPOINTMENT  After Phone conversation, there will be a one time $150 Service Charge for meeting with your Architect or Engineer to develop the Plan for permits.

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